No Shame in my Faux Plant Game

No Shame in my Faux Plant Game

One of the joys of my daily dog walk is admiring the beautiful plants and flowers that grace my neighbor’s front yards. We live in the desert, so nobody has lawns. It is all just rocks. So it is amazing to see the variety of vegetation that springs from this austere ground. 

So inspiring was it, that despite having a black thumb, I decided to attempt a container garden of my own. So off to Lowes garden center I went to purchase flowering lantana, desert lily and mojave aster, all plants that were sure to thrive on my own front porch.

Spoiler alert: They died. 

Not one to give up easily, I decided to try a different kind of outdoor plant. Succulents. After all, my California girl’s back patio is positively alive with succulents; all that thrive year round in the California sunshine.

I found someone on Facebook Marketplace who was selling off some of her succulents for a great price. She said they were growing and propagating so well that she was overrun and had to get rid of the excess. This sounded promising for my own back yard, so I purchased all of them and arranged them beautifully on a plant shelf on my patio. They did well for a while, but when the temperature topped 110 degrees for weeks in a row, guess what happened? They died. 

So I was left with dead plants, but a lot of adorable containers and pots. (Succulents come in a variety of really cute pots). So I did what I probably should have done in the first place. I went on Amazon and purchased a big bag of faux succulents and stuck them in the aforementioned pots and voila, I had a garden! I was so inspired that I bought a bunch of fake flowers at Goodwill and stuck them in the containers on my front porch to replace the deceased desert plants. 

I realize that fake is never as good as real, and fortunately I have mature lemon, grapefruit, and orange trees in my front yard that produce oxygen, shade, and fruit, and, as they are on an automatic watering system, require very little from me.

And for some reason, my indoor plants are thriving. So when summer is over and the intense heat is gone, I might try again, but until then I have no shame in my faux plant game. 

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